"Like Fun You Are!" - Sunny

Jag hade nästan glömt, men kom på det nu igen när jag satt och jobbade med litteratur uppgiften.
Jag har ju inte gjort mitt inlägg om The Catcher in the Rye!

Jag tänker inte skriva en recension om den, jag tänker inte förklara något, jag tänker inte på något sätt berätta om den, eftersom att den här boken ska man bara läsa.

Jag kommer däremot visa mina favorit citat från boken.

"He was left handed. He had poems written all over the fingers and the pocket and everywhere. In green ink. He wrote them on it so that he?d have something to read when he was in the field and nobody was up at bat. "

"He was also the nicest, in lots of ways. He never got mad at anybody. People with red hair are supposed to get mad very easily, but Allie never did, and he had very red hair."

"God, I love it when a kid?s nice and polite when you tighten their skate for them or something. Most kids are. They really are."

"She said she had to meet her friend. Kids always have to meet their friends. That kills me."

"He only gets to bang the drums a couple of times during a whole piece, but he never looks bored when he isn?t doing it. Then when he does bang them, he does it so nice and sweet, with this nervous expression on his face."

"I mean how do you know what you?re going to do till you do it?"

Och mina två absoluta favoriter!

"He used to laugh so hard at something he thought of at the dinner table that he just fell of his chair."

"I held hands with her all the time, for instance. That does?nt sound like much, I realize, but she was terrific to hold hands with."


Bob Dylan och en för mig okänd flicka.

Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me
2008-02-12 @ 22:55:26 Om filmer, böcker och sånt. Permalink

Sagt av: John-John

Perfekta citat. Kan verkligen, VERKLIGEN förstå att du tycker om den med stolen så mycket! hahahahahahha!!!!

2008-02-12 @ 23:29:55
URL: http://toutlemondejohn.blogg.se
Sagt av: alexandra.

bob dylan är bra :D

2008-02-13 @ 10:54:52
URL: http://mhmmm.tjejsajten.se

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